Nostalgia Poems and Translation



(Margut Bikel, Forouq Farokhzad, Hooshang Ebtehaj)


English poem (Margut Bikel)

“The wind sings of our nostalgia

and the starry sky ignores our dream.

Each snowflake is a tear that fails to trickle

Silence is full of the unspoken,

of deeds not performed,

of confessions to secret love, and of wonders not expressed.

Our truth is hidden in our silence, Yours and mine.”


Farsi poem (Forough Farokhzad)

تا به کی باید رفت

از دیاری به دیاری دیگر

تا به کی باید رفت از بهاری به بهاری دیگر

How long will you wander from place to place?

How long will you go from spring to spring?

نتوانم، نتوانم جستن

نتوانم، نتوانم جستن

I cannot find out (the answer)
I cannot find out (the answer)


Farsi poem (Hooshang Ebtehaj)

ای دریغا چه گلی ریخت به خاک

چه بهاری پژمرد

Oh! What a flower has fallen to the ground!
What a spring has withered!

چه دلی رفت به باد

چه چراغی افسرد
What a heart is gone with the wind!
What a candle is blown off!

هر شب این دلهره طاقت سوز

خوابم از دیده ربود

Every night this overwhelming apprehension weakens me
Taking away sleep from my eyes

هر سحر چشم گشودم نگران

چه خبر خواهد بود ؟

Every morning I open my eyes in worry
Wondering as to what will happen next!

سرنوشت دل من بود درین بیم و امید

My heart was destined to be in this fear and in hope

آمد آن خنجر ِ بیداد فرود

The dagger of oppression has arrived

بانگ ِ خون در دل ِ ریشم برخاست

پر شدم از فریاد

A bleeding cry left the delicate heart
I am filled with screams

هفتمین اختر ِ این صبح ِ سیاه

دل ِ من بود که بر خاک افتاد

The Seventh Star (=a star of great esteem) of this black morning
Was my heart that fell to the ground



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