Nil Chashm poetic review by Sadaf Munshi

The story behind Nil Chashm is about the protagonist’s personal struggle and strife to overcome a trying situation. It depicts a man who is angry at his current situation but is trying to bring confidence back in his life with the help of prayers and spiritual strength. It expresses a crisis situation the protagonist is fighting and believes in God to help him. It is like a prayer — a spiritual word. The protagonist is lamenting his situation in pain and suffering and is trying to listen to the spiritual message from within which he/she hasn’t believed in the past. The story is conveyed by two beautiful poems. The first one is in Farsi by Nima Youshij, which uses powerful imagery and metaphor expressing the sadness of a musical instrument “crying” and deploring the “vanished memories of the last journey” in the “loneliness of a silent night”. The second poem, a devotional poem by Kamil Shuttari, expresses the frustration of the lover and the pointlessness of persistent solicitations, invoking the importance of forsaking one’s pursuations and waiting in patience for deliverance.

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